The Safest Resale Market

The safest and most secure resale market for sneakers
The Safest Resale Market

Mission Making the resale market more safe and more secure

The resale market for new and unused items is growing each year all around the world.

However, the issue of “counterfeits” has occurred numerous times in the market for luxury and rare items, where it is reported that the total amount of loss in relation to counterfeits items within the worldwide online market is as high as $500 billion (55 trillion yen) as of 2017. This is especially true for Louis Vuitton, and it is said that LVMH spends up to annually €15 million (around 1.9 billion yen) to fight against counterfeits of their own product. Our company “Infinity” is working towards building a world where the issue of counterfeits is fundamentally dissolved, through the blockchain solution that we are developing and providing.

Characteristic Key Factors

  • Counterfeit free and fair and balanced Sneaker Resale Platform
  • Utilizing traceability for safety and security Blockchain System
  • A utility token with added value INFINITY
  • A circulating currency without volatility Stable Infinity

Sneaker resale platform Our Sneaker Resale Platform

INFINITY Seller User
Exhibited Products
Product Appraisal
Only Authentic Products
Posted on Our Site
Provide in a worry-free
way purchase price
Receive Product
Receive Revenue

Our business model is based on the 3 pillars of “Anonymity”, “Transparency”, and “Authenticity”. First, users can use our service while remaining anonymous. Users won’t have to talk to “buyers” and “sellers” directly, since we at Infinity will manage both the purchase and sales of products as a broker, which ultimately leads to the protection of the privacy of our users. Moreover, all products provided by “sellers” are vetted by professional appraisers to determine its authenticity, making sure that only items deemed as authentic are sold on our website. Thus, a distinctive feature of our company is that you can buy products safely without worrying about the quality of the product.

Regular Retail Price /$300-
Market Retail Price /$425-
Recommended Retail
Price /$400
Bid Now
A Wish to sell at $450-
B Wish to sell at $400-
The buyer can immediately bid the product from the seller who placed
the lowest asking price at $400,
or the buyer can place a bid that is lower
than $400 and wait until a seller that meets the conditions appears.
Place for sale
Bid at $350- and wait
Bid at $350- or wait for
a new buyer to appear
売り手の中で最も低い希望売値(Lowest Ask)$400ですぐ購入するか、$400より低い金額で入札し、条件に合う売り手が現れるのを待つことが出来る。

When a buyer is looking for a Adidas sneaker with the regular retail price of $300 at bid option, he/she can either buy it from the buyer who placed the lowest recommended price at $400, or he/she can place a bid at a lower price and wait for the seller who will meet your bid by choosing the option for this selection. The other way around, the seller can sell his/her product at the most expensive bidding price, or set a higher price and wait. Our service can provide access to users to examine a product’s authenticity and track a product’s history from material stage to its sale, and even when it’s in the second hand market.


By utilizing the system of the blockchain, we can solve various issues within the resale market. The blockchain, that we are developing at our company, can be designed to be used as a guarantee of reliability, by tracing the whole flow of the product from production to circulation in the market and from material stage to its arrival to the vendor. With a different new and used item market like our platform, you can record the item’s levitation according the authenticity of the product exhibited by the seller and centrally control a problem when it arises in any part of the flow, by visualizing the of product’s logistics cycle at any stage.
We are developing a fully tamper-proof blockchain in order to eradicate the highly problematic counterfeit market by utilizing the mechanism to visualize the traceability of a product within the distribution flow above, and we also have further plans to provide our system via OEM.

Utility Token Our Original Token INFINITY

Our token, the same as Ethereum, will be used as currencies at event venues, rewards for mining, and the creation of new tokens.
While our token is designed as a utility token, we will implement measures where token holders will receive more benefits under the membership service rank according to how many tokens they have.

Infinity will provide a pre-paid credit card. While transaction fees occurs from credit payment will be 2% in case if a payment is done by BTC, but by choosing the INF option to make a payment, there will be a 1% discount in the transaction fees. We provide a solution where credit card payments can be made for shopping at websites or at stores through the INF by using the virtual currency. By continuing to hold 5,000 yen worth of INF, users will earn the right to use our credit card, contributing to the vitalization of marketplace circulation and to building a market where the INF can be maintained and utilized.

* Our credit card will be beneficial to have, since we plan to have it used as an entry ticket to our events as well as a payment method for limited sneakers that will be sold by us.


“Infinity” started its service to create a system for buying and selling sneakers that can be used easily by anyone anywhere in the world. The secondary distribution of sneakers is now a global business. To enable a smooth transaction the systemization of currency transactions becomes crucial, we use stable virtual currency IFNS, and this is where the Blockchain comes in. By doing so, it becomes much easier to manage sales prices, shipping fees, and commissions. Sellers of sneakers can ship their product’s quickly, and payment cycles become much shorter, which makes it possible for us to provide a highly transparent trading platform that can be a greatly beneficial for both sides as seller and buyer.

Token Detail

Token Name
Currency Code / Unit
8 Digits
Currency Type
Utility Token
Total Amount of
Issued Tokens
6,000,000,000 Tokens

Road map


ICO Starts
Development of lockchain System
Get listed on Exchange Launch of Platform App


Expansion of Platform App
Hosting of Eternal Sponsored Event with Celebrity Guests
Completion of Blockchain System
Start of Operation of Blockchain System


Start of Blockchain Partnership


Kentaro Sakabayashi
Kentaro Sakabayashi
Ryo Ueyama
Ryo Ueyama
Ryu Takeshima
Ryu Takeshima
Tatsuro Mukai
Tatsuro Mukai
Takuma Hirose
Takuma Hirose

Company Profile

Company Name
February 2020
Kentaro Sakabayashi
22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76 Midview City Singapore 573969
Sales and Management of Token, App Development, Blockchain Development

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